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Children’s furniture has all the makings of heirloom furniture. Children’s furniture has a ‘cute’ character to them that makes them favorite furniture pieces in any generation. If there’s any piece of furniture that can evoke memories, it’s definitely a piece of furniture made for children. The furniture piece doesn’t have to be an antique to evoke such memories; even fairly recent furniture for a child is likely to bring back memories, especially to the parents of the child. Children are so adorable, especially when they’re beginning to learn the skills they’ll use when they grow up. That’s why their furniture is so adorable themselves; they represent the child’s development. How many times have parents hesitated when putting their child’s high chairs up for sale? Most likely, they’ll be staring at it for some time, heave a heavy sigh and reluctantly put it in the pile that’s being offered in the garage sale. Even their play chairs and table get the same treatment when being sold. It doesn’t just bring up memories of the child growing up, but also of parents growing up, of being able to overcome life’s many trials. Oftentimes, this furniture also represent the financial progress parents have made in their lives, showing them that they were finally able to afford such trifles after laboring for so long so as to be able to afford things for their children.

Children’s furniture can be divided into two kinds: furniture like chairs, tables and cradles or toys such as rocking horses. Throughout history, many artisans and craftsmen have labored to produce such furniture. Undoubtedly, many of these talented craftsmen recognize that people dote on their children and would like their children to have things that will help them learn new skills they’ll need growing up. That is why they’ve made these fie pieces of furniture, some from the leavings of the large furniture they’ve made but mostly, they’ve got special lumber for these kinds of furniture. Since many of the children who’ll be using these types of furniture are relatively light, many of these are made from lighter lumber. What these artisans didn’t scrimp on in making these furniture is their craftsmanship, often turning and carving these furniture with the same care and artistry as they would in building regular furniture. That is why a lot of children’s furniture survive several generations of use. Some of the more forward thinking craftsmen have even done furniture such as desk and study tables for children, but a lot of their output that continues to survive till today consists of tables, chairs, rockers and cradles. And people continue to appreciate these children’s furniture even if they’re used items.

Flat Top Wood Works continues to expand the line of children’s furniture, adding innovative furniture pieces such as the combination desk/high chair/rocking horse. At Flat Top Wood Works we continue the fine tradition laid down by furniture craftsmen by constantly updating furniture pieces for children. If you are looking to furnish your child’s room with her very own dining table and chairs, we’ve got a dining set whose chairs are made in the wagon wheel motif that will surely give her lots of hours of enjoyment, hosting dinners with her favorite toys and dolls. We also have rocking horses, done in sturdy wood and painted with bright colors to delight your toddler. And when you’ve chosen something for your child, why not browse through our inventory of fine wood furniture pieces you can use in your home. Browsing through our inventory might just provide you with the inspiration you need to design the bedroom you’ve always wanted, since we have a fine set of bedroom pieces that will surely make a statement about your room. Why not improve your lawn with some of our outdoor wooden furniture pieces, like our patio chairs and swings. We even have tables and chairs made for outdoor use, sure to survive rain and snow and all the weather extremes in your area. You’ll have the best of wooden furniture when you get it from Flat Top Wood Works.

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